Departments - Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the church. Here at Praise Center we believe that church should be a collaboration of many people putting in effort to effectively make church work.  We also believe that every person should have a place to use their God-given gifts, talents and abilities.


If you would like to be involved in some way, please click on this link below and let us know of your interest:

Praise Center Teams

Tech team

The tech team is dedicated to making the service run as effectively as possible. They are in charge of all the sound and media aspects of all services and events.

Contact Pastor Sal DiMare 509-670-2166

Worship team

Worship team leads the church in worship through singing and musical instruments. They are a conduit for the Spirit of God to the church body.

Contact Pastor Rhonda DiMare 509-670-4619

Usher team

Usher team helps people find seats and handles the collection of tithes and offerings in an efficient way in order to ensure that service continues to run smoothly.

Contact Angela James 509-264-8067

Hospitality team

Hospitality team is all about serving people with a smile. They hand out food and coffee during Sunday morning church services to hungry church goers.

Contact Desi Ledgerwood 360-600-6357

Greeting team

Greeting team is about making people feel welcome. From the moment you arrive, they will make sure everyone has been welcomed by the time service starts.

Contact Angela James 509-264-8067

Kids Praise

Kids Praise is all about raising up the next generation. They show kids ranging from babies to 6th graders what it means to live like Jesus through teaching, worship, games and activities. (Summer schedule may vary.)

Contact Pastor Debbie Pearsons 509-860-0630

reach - Discipleship for youth

Reach is our youth ministry that happens every Wednesday night at 6 pm through the school year with other events through the summer. From teams that serve behind the scenes to a leadership team that is dedicated to discipling young people, this ministry takes up the call in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples.

Contact Pastor Sal DiMare 509-670-2166


Awana is a place where kids can go to learn about the Bible, make new friends, and have lots of fun! Awana happens on Wednesday nights at 6 pm through the school year.

Contact Pastor Debbie Pearsons 509-860-0630